Art Cliff Diner, Martha's Vineyard
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
Art Cliff Diner logo design for signage. Retro design chosen for a super cool diner on Martha's Vineyard, and applied to hand painted and carved signs.
  • Art Cliff Diner
    Logo design/signage for the Art Cliff Diner, Martha's Vineyard
  • Client requested new logo design/signage, for street sign, as well a sign to mount on the building itself. Believe me, if you have to wait for a table at this eatery, it's worth it!!!  Designed in collaboration with Michael Hunter via "Island Branding", a design agency co-owned with Tara Kenny.

    This client is not afraid to break the rules, and liked the idea of having stationery with a different look than the signage, to send out for catering events. The stationery was created using the old airmail blue and red edge as a theme, the old airmail faint blue background, and a postage mark.

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